Steps for Diagnosis

Documents to be supplied with a request for molecular screening of the genes implicated in familial hemiplegic migraine, ATP1A2 and CACNA1A

Adult sample:

  • 15 ml blood sampled in EDTA

Child sample:

  • Sample both parents whenever possible.
  • 15 ml blood sampled in EDTA

Adapt volumes depending on the age of the child. Sample at least 5 ml on EDTA

Send: Mondays to Fridays to the following address:

Laboratoire d’Histo-Embryo-Génétique moléculaire
Secteur Orange – Porte 6
Hôpital Lariboisière
2 rue Ambroise Paré
75010 Paris

Documents to be enclosed:

For all information, please contact the laboratory
By phone on 01 49 95 86 23
By fax on 01 49 95 85 38